Introduction to Bootstrap – A Tutorial (DEV 203X) is a course available on edX made by Microsoft. If you want to begin this course I suggest you to have a basic knowledge of html and css, because bootstrap is just a framework build by twitter using Html , CSS and JavaScript. A basic knowledge of JavaScript will a plus, but when I did this course I did not had any JavaScript knowledge still faced no problem. Here is the introduction video to this course by Microsoft:


Cost: Free ($49 for a verified Certificate)

Though all the courses on edX are free to take, one can add verified certificate to showcase their knowledge to the employer or university by paying certain amount of money.


Effort:  1-2 hours/week


Alternate Courses:

Bootstrap 3 Essential Training , Bootstrap 4: First Look , Learn Bootstrap Development By Building 10 Projects
icon, The Complete Bootstrap Masterclass Course – Build 4 Projects


Christopher Harrison : he is a content developer at Microsoft and his way of teaching is awesome, he does not let you get bore. I have done lot of courses made by him on MVP.


Technologies Used:

Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition (Free for students), Microsoft Visual Code (Nice code editor)


My Review:

It’s a nice course, a small course, does not require a lot of effort to complete. One does not have to spend more than couple of hours a week to complete the course. Christopher is entertaining teacher and the way he teaches won’t let you get bored.

The things you will learn in this course are:

  • How to implement Bootstrap in existing website.
  • Common Bootstrap Components
  • How to use bootstrap themes

The course runs for total of 3 weeks, Week 1 covers basic Getting Started with Bootstrap videos, Week 2 covers Page Layouts in Bootstrap and Week 3 covers Making Forms and Validating Forms in Bootstrap. A person needs to score at least 50% to pass the exam and in order to receive a verified certificate if applicable. There are 3 Labs in the course and the total weightage of labs are 50%, then there are two Module Exams which has a total weightage of 30%, and the Final Exam has the weightage of 20%.

This Image of my report card will make thing clear:

There was some error, since this course works on assess peers, lab works are assessed by your fellow student, my lab 01 was 100% correct but was not assessed properly.



As I mentioned there are total 3 Labs in the course, the 3 lab works to be done are:

  • Make a wire frame for a music store.
  • Work on the same music store, to enhance the way the data is being displayed.
  • Add Validation and feedback option to the Music store.


Study Material:

There are no study material or any handouts provided by Microsoft for this course, but the link to the GitHub repositories are provided for every codes being written in the course.

Though you are not provided with notes here, I have made my own notes, which I have provided at the bottom of the article. If you want to go deeper into this framework as its awesome, and once you start using it you will not feel like writing all those html codes when you have bootstrap snippets, I would suggest you go for one of these books:

**Clicking on any of the book will redirect you to your local Amazon store. Online Training Videos


I did not opted for a verified certificate though, but I completed this course, there was option to receive honor code certificate which was given to everyone who passed the course, unfortunately it is not offered by edX anymore. Here is how it looks like:


Introduction to Bootstrap Notes:

**The file available to download is much clear and visible due to larger file size
Introduction to Bootstrap Notes Small



I want to make this blog a platform for the learners to find best resources and Online Courses available for particular technologies, So I request you all to please share any new resources you know of and will be helpful for everyone, in the comment section below and I will add the same in the article.


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