If you ask me, my answer is straight forward yes. I will give you every single reason as to why you all should upgrade your LinkedIn account to premium.

I will only be giving my review for Upgrading to premium account for the Career plan out of 4 plans available from LinkedIn.

When you plan on Upgrading to LinkedIn premium account you will get four options to choose from, they are:


As I have an experience with the Career Premium Account I will be discussing the same here. Now, what are the benefits of choosing the career Premium plan over normal LinkedIn account, well there are many:

Comparison with your fellow applicants when you apply for a particular job:

This is one of the most important feature of career premium plan and gives a very clear idea as to where you stand when applying for particular job in a company. You get to know the exact number of applicants applying for the particular job, and where do you stand among them based the the skills you have. It gives clear comparison between the the skills you have as compared to other applicants. You even get a comparison of Seniority level which gives an idea about the experience or the seniority of other applicants as well.

Contact the recruiter, even if you are not connected:

This is also a very good feature of LinkedIn premium. You get the opportunity to directly send the inmails to the recruiters when applying for a job, that mail can be used to show the skills which rather cannot be shown by your LinkedIn profile only, that mail can act as Cover Letter for the job you are applying for and gives you an opportunity to stand above those other applicants applying for the job and get an opportunity to impress the recruiter.

Being a Premium member you all the job applications are featured, which means your chances of getting noticed by the recruiters as a featured applicant increases.

Master Skills to advance your Career using inLearning(LYNDA):

This is my favorite reason for going premium, and I believe it will be same for lot of other people out there who are as enthusiastic as me when it comes to learning something new to advance your career. When you become premium member you get an access to a huge library of courses from various fields, on various different technologies by very skilled teachers.

I personally have done a lot of courses on WordPress, Front-End Development and Data Science. You do get to learn lot of things and, to showcase what you have learnt you also get certificates which you can showcase in your certification section on your LinkedIn profile.

Other benefits of going premium:

Above I have mentioned some the most important features of having a premium account on LinkedIn, some other features worth noticing when you go premium are:

  1. Get to see every detail about who have viewed your profile in the last 90 days. This is a good feature and can give indications about what kind of people are looking at your profile, views by recruiters can be a very good sign and it means santa might be coming with some gift for you.
  2. The search feature you get as a premium member is very accurate, I mean you get an awesome search option giving you an opportunity to search exactly the kind of job, or recruiter or any LinkedIn member you are looking for.
  3. You can also check your detailed ranking as compared to other connections, and can improve your skills accordingly to take a lead.

Images showing a comparison between premium LinkedIn member and normal LinkedIn member:

Below I have made a gallery of few images which shows accounts of a premium LinkedIn member and normal LinkedIn member. The images show how detailed competitive information is shown in case of premium members as compared to that of normal member while applying for the same job:


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