Steve Jobs said this:


But I would like to make a minor change to what Steve Jobs said, and would like to say:

Everybody in this World should learn to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.


I see lot of people asking  “How to learn Computer Science and Programming?”, “Is it logic?”, “Is it some kind of rocket Science?”, “Should everyone know how to program?”, “Which is the best programming language to start with?”, etc…etc… on platforms like Quora, and I have answered a lot of similar questions, but finally I decided not to write same answer in different ways on Quora but redirect them to this article where I will be answering all the similar questions.

Q.) Should I learn Computer programming?

Absolutely Yes. And why should you do so?

Well, first lets hear it from Mr. Obama as to why learn programming?:

Though Mr. Obama was promoting the Week of Code in American School and Colleges here, but coding is not just important for America but for any county, at any part of the world.

Computer Science is not just for geeks with spectacles and always sitting in front of computer, if you are a basketball player or a football player or an athlete or a chef or from any different field of work, programming will only increase your ability to think and your logic. Online Training Videos

Q.) Can I learn programming? Is it tough to learn?

Yes, you can learn programming. Yes it might be bit tough for some and not for others.

Here, have a look at this video, it will explain, can you learn programming?

As you can see even big Data Scientists themselves satrted from the very basic like drawing out a rectangle. So you have to at least start from somewhere to reach somewhere.

This video will explain Is it difficult to learn programming?

So, I am sure you guys by now know that programming is not something meant only for geeks, but it is something every single person should learn. It’s not just related to Computer Science but from every field as it helps in the efficiency of your thinking.

Yeah it might be bit difficult for someone to learn programming but can be learnt when done using good resources and in a good way.

Q.) Is Computer Science a Logic?

Yes. It’s all about logic.

Q.) Which is the best Programming language to learn Computer Science for Beginners?

There are lot of good programming languages to start with, like Python, C, Java, C++, JS, etc. The one I recommend to everyone is Python. But if you are particularly interested in particular field which include particular language (like Java for android), then you should go with that particular language, like if you want to become an android application developer, then I would suggest you to go with Java, but you want to become ios developer go with Swift, want to particularly learn Web Development, go with JavaScript.

But if you just want to learn Computer Science and Programming from the very basic, Python will be the best programming language.

I myself started with C, then moved C++ and then even started Java. Did not like any of them, then moved on to Front-End Development and learnt JS, its good but very similar to C++. Then I learnt Python and absolutely loved it.

Q.) Why to learn Python?

I suggest most of the people to learn Python, let me give you reasons for that:

  • It is very beginner friendly.
  • The Syntax’s are not annoying and complex like C and Java.
  • It is open-source and has a very big community support.
  • When we program it seems much like writing a psuedocode instead of writing a programming language.
  • It is very very powerful language and can be used for minor project like creating a calculator to projects like programming a rocket or creating a complex home automation system like Jarvis.
  • Python is the best choice for Data Scientists for Machine Learning.
  • It is widely used in IoT project.

So basically this language is very easy to learn and is used in all the hot topics of these days like Data Science and IoT.

I am sure nobody will think of learning anything else if you have Python.

If you want to know best online courses and books to learn Python, click here.

Q.) What can I do if I can program?

Many things:

  • You can create a jarvis(home automation system) for yourself.
  • Suppose you have 100 pics, took from your phone of your notes, now you want all of them to be named in serial order like the pic 1 as page 1, pic 2 as page 2, and so on… well you can do this tedious by writing a small python script. ( I faced this problem myself and resolved it using python)
  • You can write code for anything, which you think should not be done by you but by your bot.
  • You can create a game.
  • Make your own website.

And there are tons of things you can do, but I will recommend you to explore that for yourself when you learn Programming.


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Q.) What is the best way to learn Computer Science and Programming?

There maybe different answers for this question, but the best answer according to me is to learn is by yourself.

I recommend everyone to learn computer science and programming by yourself, that does not mean buy a book and start reading it, that’s the worst way to learn programming. A book is a must, when you are learning to program but it should only be used for the purpose of referring to theoretical terms. The best way to learn programming is to go for online courses. One should make sure that he/she enrolling in a course should have a good forum support, an active community to help and of course a very good professor and awesome projects to work on. There are various online courses, on various different platforms, and I will be happy to help you guys find out the best courses for different programming languages.

Few very good online education platforms I would like to suggest you all are:


Q.) Which course should I choose?

There are many different programming languages and technologies and various online education platforms to chose from, but which one’s are the best to chose? I will help you with that, just click on the programming language or Technology you would like to learn, you will be able to find an article suggesting you best courses available online for those topics and best suggested books to read along with other good resources to be updated with that particular technology.

I want to make this blog a platform for the learners to find best resources and Online Courses available for particular technologies, So I request you all to please share any new resources you know of and will be helpful for everyone, in the comment section below and I will add the same in the article.

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